Have Confidence that You Know Your Target Customer

This Masterclass will show you how to get to grips with your target customer so your marketing will deliver results
“I need to get the word out about my business, get more customers, increase sales, but I need to get results fast and can’t afford to spend to too much time or money to do it”
Sound familiar?

I hear this from clients all the time. They want to find the customers most likely to drive sales, and achieve that without wasting time or money in the process. What if I told you that by taking one simple step, to really Know Your Customers, you could position yourself ahead of most of your competition?
“I just want my Marketing spend to get results for my business”
That’s exactly right!

As a small business owner you are already juggling a lot of things. You may feel overwhelmed trying to run or launch your business, and be reluctant to add another task to your ‘to-do’ list.

We understand what it is to run a small business, we run a small business too. You don’t need more information about how to run your business, you are the expert on your business. What you do need is a SHORTCUT to help the work you do deliver better and measureable results, in less time and without huge investment.

Knowing Your Target Customer is a masterclass designed specifically for busy small business owners like you. I will share practical tips and even give you how-to's which you can INSTANTLY IMPLEMENT to have a positive impact on your marketing.
So If You Value...

The ability to specifically target the right customers, at the right time and in the right way, to drive sales for your business.

✔ Having the know-how to strategically evaluate your offering and pinpoint key target customers.

✔ Understanding the best time and place to promote your business, and the kind of messaging that your potential customers are most likely to engage with.

Then you are in the right place - this course is for you and your business!
Once you are confident that you Know Your Customers this knowledge will feed into all of your future marketing campaign planning.

Once you use these tips and tricks, you can use them again and again to deliver Marketing Campaigns throughout the year that really work.
Here's what we promise:

❖ By investing in this course you are equipping yourself with valuable marketing techniques and skills that will position you and your business ahead of your competition.

❖ You can use these techniques and tips again and again on campaign after campaign, adding key information about your target customers’ behavior along the way. This will help you develop ever more effective marketing campaigns, and greater returns for your business. 

❖ The course itself is laid out in a simple format that lets you hop in, find exactly what you need, or learn as much as you can in the time you have available, and then hop back out.

❖ You can access it from any computer (or smart device) anytime, anywhere. Also, don’t worry about keeping up with the latest changes on social media, we will do that, update the course and tell you what is new in your own closed support group.

❖ When you buy our Knowing Your Target Customer masterclass, you will get your hands on a resource that lets you really drive those results you want for your business!

Order now and get instant access to a really straightforward online class stuffed full of hints and tips that you’ll be able to follow and implement quickly and easily.
Are you ready to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors?
Here’s What’s Included In The Course
Module 1
Knowing your target customer

✔ Why it is so important
Module 2
Creating Customer Avatars
✔ We will give you a template to follow to easily create your customer avatars
Module 3
✔ Effective ways to get your message out
Module 4
✔ Tips and tools for engaging your target customer
Special Bonuses!
As well as the step by step guided video modules, we’ve got some special bonuses for you:
Bonus 1: Handy Course Takeaways
✔ Working Example Swipe Files
✔ Cheat Sheets
✔ Resources Sheets – links to resources, tools and tips
Bonus 2: Private Facebook Group
You'll get Membership of our Closed Digital4Sales Facebook Group
"We have seen increased engagement on our social media channels, spikes in traffic to our website, increased conversation on our packages as well as receiving an excellent database through the activity that we can remarket to in the future." - Jennifer Ryan, Group Online Marketing Manager, Fitzpatrick Lifestyle Hotels
Frequently Asked Questions
There are oodles of other marketing courses out there, why is this one different?
This one is different because we have been there, sweated the small stuff and have successfully built an award winning website, that parents trust and enjoy reading. We have worked with small and large companies showing them how to effectively market to parents. Most courses out there are generic, ours is all about how to reach out to a parent audience and market successfully to them, getting results for your business.
I run a small business, do I really need to spend more time "knowing my target customer"?
Whatever the size of your business you must have know your target customer inside and out, so you can create a strategically targeted marketing plan to follow and implement. Knowing Your Target Customer helps your business to grow from the outset, and enables you to quickly see potential for more growth based on Your Customers.
Who is the course for?
This course is ideally suited to business owners or marketing managers who want to market to parents.
Will I have time to really get to Know My Customers?
The more time and money you are investing in promoting and marketing your business the more important it is that the activity is efficient, effective and returning on your investment. You cannot afford not to Know Your Target Customers in order to create and implement an effective and targeted marketing plan.
How long will it take to do the course?
It's entirely self-paced. The course has a set of 6 modules, each with a video to watch, and exercises and cheat sheets to download. So if you were to sit down and do it end to end without stopping it would probably take you about 5 hours. But it has been designed specifically to dip in and out as you find time. It can be done anywhere as long as you have internet connection you can log in and continue working on it.
How many hours do I need to invest to get results?
If you're willing to work your way through the materials and follow our step-by-step process to build your marketing plan, you can have it done and dusted in 1 full day - but you don't need to invest a whole day at once, you can do it at your own pace as it has been designed to dip in and out as you find time.
What is the return policy?
We want you to be fully satisfied with our courses. We know that if you do the work in our course(s), you will get results. But if for some reason in the first 30 days after purchase you change your mind, you will get a full refund.
Sign up to this course and you can achieve:

✔ Clarity around who Your Target Customer is, what they are like, what interests them, what pain points they have, etc.
✔ Distinct customer personas, so your messaging really speaks to your target market.
✔ A better understanding of who you need to target, when to reach them, what type of messaging resonates, and the best method of reaching them.
The tools for using this knowledge to inform your Marketing
So What Are You Waiting For?

Stop for a second and imagine the possibilities …
What would your business, and your life look like if you found the secret to instant and dramatic growth?

Marketing campaigns that successfully target your customers can be your answer and our masterclass is the vehicle to make that dream come true!

Invest in this course and equip yourself with the tools to Know Your Customer that your business deserves! The beauty of this knowledge is you can use it again and again, using insights gained to more clearly inform your decisions when creating your next marketing campaigns.

Sign up to our course today and get started on Knowing your Customers, and watch your business grow …
I have worked in Marketing for over twenty years, in a variety of sectors including Tourism, Heritage, The Arts and Publishing. Whether marketing a small family business or large multinationals - the same fundamental principles appIy. Since 2012 I have worked with Mykidstime.com and in that time have really come to understand our target customers, the businesses who want to advertise to parents.

Knowing your target customer is key to making sure that you get your message to the right people and drive results for your business.

And the great thing is, it's not difficult to Know Your Customer, and I can share tips with you on how to profile them in a way that feeds directly into your marketing
I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can start to create really great Marketing Campaigns that deliver results for you and your business, without having to spend twenty years learning the tips and tricks!  
Start this business course that will help you Know Your Target Customer for just $99
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